Associate Registration

Associate Registration

Welcome to UK Art Store.

The UK Art Store gives you the potential to display or sell art to anyone with access to the internet.

It also provides a window for people to commission work from artist.

Even if you already have your own website, a presence on UK Art Storewill give you a new platform to display your work.

By displaying a variety of work of consistently high quality, we hope the public will come to consider UK Art Store to be The Place for Art.

For that reason we have to be selective in the work we accept, and you may only display work on if you have been accepted as an *Associate Artist.

Please take a look around. We welcome any comments you may have.

*An Artist who has registered with and been accepted by UK Art Store, subject to the criteria regarding the sale and licensed reproduction of works, as set out under the Associate Artist Terms and Conditions.

Become an Associate Artist!

If you think you may be interested in becoming an Associate Artist please email us via the "contact us" section of the site with samples of your work in jpeg or tiff format.

If we consider we can include your work on, we will contact you to confirm your acceptance as an Associate Artist.

You can then simply follow the Associate Registration instructions, and follow the instructions on the "Associate Help" page to load your work on to the relevant categories of

Alternatively, you can email UK Art Store with your art work in accordance with the information referred to on the "Associate Help" page, and we will arrange for the work to be displayed on to

Please note UK Art Store retains complete editorial control over the content of the site, and reserves the right not to accept work that is not consistent with our quality or decency standards.

If you become an Associate Artist, you will be asked to provide two to three hundred words about yourself and your work. You may want to include information about:

  • your training or education

  • any exhibitions held

  • Forthcoming projects

  • any commissions undertaken

  • any special interests

To complete registration, please go to the "Associate Conditions" page and click the link at the bottom to confirm you have read and agree to our terms and conditions of business.